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The Workplace Battlefield - where talent goes to die

For many going to work everyday is like being on a battlefield. People’s desire to do a good job and contribute seems to be blocked by all manner of barriers and problems. This is the culture screen. Organizations suffer, employees suffer and the whole system fails to meet its’ potential. While organizations spend large sums of money to attract and retain talent, to drive growth, innovation and creativity, this investment is often wasted when people are unable to execute. Many organizations are trying to track and manage employee engagement, yet it remains stubbornly low. The culture screen explains the problems and offers solutions. At the heart of building a great workplace is governance and the role of leadership.

The book lists several barriers that get in the way of talented people achieving their maximum potential. These barriers include:

* Excess bureaucracy

* Poor systems, tools, and equipment

* Misaligned policies and procedures

* Poor management and leadership

* Failure to integrate

* Irresponsible / anti-social behaviour

Each of these factors contribute to a sense of frustration to those trying to get their job done. Not only do they reduce productivity, they also stifle innovation and creativity.


Many organizations are trying to understand employee engagement. Organizational culture and the creation of an effective workplace is the driving force of engagement.