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Understanding and Reporting Human Capital

In an era of integrated thinking


This book opens up the discussion on the development and use of metrics to evaluate performance in the area of human capital. This aspect of business activity is exploding in importance, both in terms of management, leadership and oversight, but more importantly to address the societal concerns about the impact of the workplace on individuals, the community and society as a whole.


Part 1 of the book reviews the changes that have been happening and the metrics that are already evolving including GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the WEF (World Economic Forum) and ISO 30414 Human resource management – Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting. This will not b enough.

Part 2 demonstrates how using the Input, Activity, Output and Outcome business model from the International Integrated Reporting Framework - the <IR> from the VRF (Value Reporting Foundation), a more effective series of metrics can be developed. These are identified by the categories of 1) financial investment (in people), 2A) operational management of human capital, 2B) leadership of people, 3) organizational governance and 4) HR process management.