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The Tunnels of Wallingford

Fact or Fiction?


Secret tunnels and passageways. Stories of skeletons found behind hidden doors and starry eyed lovers from medieval times, who used the underground network for clandestine meetings. History provides little real evidence, yet stories have been handed down by generations. This book looks at the stories and explores the possibilities.


Wallingford in an ancient market town in Oxfordshire, England (for many years until the 1970's Wallingford was part of the Royal County of Berkshire). Few remains of Wallingford's Norman castle stand, but parts can still be seen. The town received its Royal Charter in 1155 and had evolved since.


Nick grew up in Wallingford (before moving to Canada in the 1970's). For his first five years he lived with his parents and grand-parents in Flint House, a building from the 1500's that is possibly built on the site of the great hall of the old priory. The family were shown tunnels in the cellar of Flint House, which have since been filled in. Nick's cousins tell the story, recounted in the book, as to how their grandmother gave them a tour of the tunnels that led away from the cellar, and how they went for some distance.